Pictures from Crete

Preveli is only one of the many beaches in Crete which really surpass all levels of beauty. The freshwater stream emptying into the Libyan Sea is home to a palm forest.

This is the point where the freshwater stream at Preveli empties into the Libyan Sea.

On the northern coast of Crete lies the city of Rethymnon. More of a town, than a city, it attracts thousands of tourists every year to its romantic sidestreets and picturesque restaurants overlooking the old Venetian harbour. Complete with a sandy beach, and a mad nightlife, Rethymnon has it all.

The palm beach at Vai on the easternmost side of Crete. Don't let your jaw drop.

Yet another view of Vai.

Had to show this one too.

Agia Fotia - Wow that's a nice beach.

Agios Nikolaos is a small town on the East end of the island.

Bali is a tiny exclusive resort area near Heraklion.

Falasarna is a beach on the west end of Crete. The rock formations are covered with the carvings of past sun-worshipping, tanning-oil-toting, vacationers

It may be the Capital, but Hania is not the largest city on Crete. It is however, the best for just sitting around in the harbour drinking coffee, and watching the people pass by.

Only a few kilometers from Heraklion are the ruins of Ancient Knossos of the Minoan Dynasty.

If you dare to embark on the 16km trek throught the Samaria Gorge, the bus will leave you off at Omalos sometime around 8am. Try to make it to the beach on the other end by 3:00pm. Make sure you wear excellent hiking shoes.

Self-Explanatory. NOTE: The water here is fantastic.

Although repetitive in a Cretan setting, the phrase Paradise on Earth is somewhat of an understatement.

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